SMALL 20mm Round Brush

USD $59.99

  • Special V-shaped nylon bristles
  • Premium boar bristles
  • Ceramic barrel holds the heat, emits negative ions and creates beautiful healthy finishes
  • Ultra-durable luxury ash wood
  • Anti-fatigue acupressure handle promotes natural hand circulation
  • Designed to style and smoothen all hair types
  • For best results and faster styling, use on hair that is 80% dry

The MINT Kaze (風 Japanese word for wind) round brush is handcrafted from the finest materials. The special V-shaped nylon bristles gently detangle and direct the hair to the premium boar bristles below. This is unlike other boar brushes where the hair merely sits on top of the bristles resulting in minimal detangling and grip. The Kaze round brush allows hair to effortlessly glide deeply through the bristles, providing perfect tension, a softer feel and overall superior results.

The Kaze is great for the body too. Its unique handle has been specially carved to stimulate the acupressure chakra points of the hand, which has been long believed to alleviate pressure on the organs and other parts of the body.

The Kaze round brush has everything you want in a luxury brush. From its anti-static ceramic ionic barrel to its brilliant combination of V-shaped nylon and nourishing premium boar bristles, you just know your hair will always look and feel amazing!

When blow drying allow a minimum 5mm gap between dryer and brush to prevent damage. Do not soak in liquids.